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Practical Implantology Shop - Dental Supplies & Equipment

As a result of 100 years of combined dental implant surgery experience, we have compiled a list of products that we believe are essential items for implant dentists. So, if you are looking for implant supplies in the UK (except the implant), you have arrived at the right place.

So, if you are looking for the following dental supplies: Biomaterials, Membranes, NSK productsOsstem products, dental surgical kits, wound protection and more, you can find them all here.

You can not only purchase the items online, but obtain detailed information on each product with great images and videos.

Minimum Order of items is listed against each product. Purchase securely via PayPal or bank card.

Please check this page often as Dental Implant products are continually being added.

Brands that We Supply

Quality Dental Product Supplies Recommended by Implant Dentists Combined With 100 Years Experience

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Surgical Kit & Instruments

Take Your Implantology Skills To The Next Level

Practical Implantology Course & Mentoring Programme Cohort #10
Starts on 10th June 2022

You will be placing implants on this course with guided support every step of the way via Dr Mukesh Soni, Dr Azhar Sheikh and Dr Sam Mohamed
  • 13-day Course
  • Implant placement on live patients
  • Support before, during and after the course.

Bone Manipulation

Practical Implantology


Implant Probe - by Practical Implantology

This probe is designed for general measurement of spaces, and to check the integrity and depth of an osteotomy. It has a flat end with parallel sides for different applications, and the tapered side has a safe ball ended point.