A-Oss – Xenograft Bone – by Osstem

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A-Oss by Osstem – Bovine Bone Substitute

Pore & Surface Structure Favourable for New Bone Formation

  • Three-dimensional micro-pores allow excellent inflow of blood and osteogenic cells
  • Possible to attach many osteogenic cells by rough surface structure

Many New Bone Formation with Excellent Blood Flow

  • Exceptional pore structure provides high blood wettability
  • Osteogenic cells contained in the blood create many new bones

A-oss Osstem Bone Graft Material

Suitable for Aesthetic Use with Excellent Volume Maintenance

  • Maintain a stable volume during new bone formation
  • It is advantageous for anterior procedure requiring volume maintenance
  • Maintains stable volume even when mixed with allograft or synthetic bone

  • DBB (deproteinized bovine bone)
  • Bone conduction ability
  • Excellent volume maintenance
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Manufacturer: Osstem Implant Co., Ltd., South Korea
  • Raw material: Australia

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Watch ,pre videos about A-Oss bone graft on Osstem’s YouTube Channel

Additional information

Particle Size

Small Particle Size 0.25 – 1mm, Large Particle Size 1 – 2mm

Weight & Volume

Weight & Volume 0.1g (0.3cc) A-Oss-BAS01, Weight & Volume 0.25g (0.75cc) A-Oss-BAS02, Weight & Volume 0.5g (1.5cc) A-Oss-BAS05, Weight & Volume 1.0g (3.0cc) A-Oss-BAS10, Weight & Volume 2.0g (6.0cc) A-Oss-BAS20, Weight & Volume 0.1g (0.2cc) A-Oss-BAL01, Weight & Volume 0.25g (0.5cc) A-Oss-BAL02, Weight & Volume 0.5g (1.0cc) A-Oss-BAL05, Weight & Volume 1.0g (2.0cc) A-Oss-BAL10, Weight & Volume 2.0g (4.0cc) A-Oss-BAL20


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