Fisiograft Gel x1

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  • Polylactic acid/polyglycolic acid gel
  • 1 X 500mg syringes
  • Composition: PLGA 20% (100 mg) + PEG 80% (400 mg)
  • Package: 1 syringe 500 mg
  • Medical Device CLASS III CE0426
  • Certified ISO9001, ISO13485
  • Needle-free syringe with sealed cap, READY TO USE
  • CE, produced in Europe


Fisiograft Gel x1

Fisiograft is a synthetic copolymer composed of polylactic and polyglycolic acids, used as a physiological bone filler, highly biocompatible and biologically tolerated, completely absorbed within 4-6 months.

Fisiograft is a space maintainer permeable to cells and osteons and does not induce phenomena of rejection or phlogosis. Fisiograft permits blood originating from bone tissue, to penetrate it and be progressively and totally replaced by trabecular bone. 

The 3 forms which may be used individually or in combination, permit placing the material in the best possible way and consequently, there is better integration with the tissues.

Fisiograft is an ideal space maintainer even when it is necessary to use an absorbable membrane, providing support and preventing it from collapsing.

Polylactic-polyglycol copolymer. PEG 400 mg Consisting of a solution of PLA-PGA copolymer in PEG. This formulation represents a novel formulation, as a synthetic filling material, as it is suitable for filling even irregular cavities in which the flap is unable to completely close the defect. This is due to the better intrinsic stability of the gel within the recipient site. From a biological point of view, the gel allows for better biocompatibility due to more harmonious degradation of both the copolymer and co-formulants (dextran and polyethylene glycol), which are more easily degraded by the body through normal metabolic pathways.

FISIOGRAFT is a medical device for regenerative surgery: the contact surface is bone tissue, contact duration is between 60 and 180 days, and it is intended for professional use (dentist, implantologist, periodontist, maxillofacial). The different formulations of FISIOGRAFT are disposable and undergo sterilization treatment by gamma rays (25 kGy); they contain bioresorbable polylactic acid (PLA) and polyglycolic acid (PGA) compounds.

The PLA-PGA copolymer has low density and its function is as a resorbable space maintainer between the plane of the bone defect and the connective tissue lying over it. By allowing itself to be permeated by blood, it allows osteocytes to replace it in a relatively short period until natural bone tissue is formed. This polymer is biocompatible, hypoallergenic, and produces no inflammatory response.

Fisiograft allows itself to be penetrated and replaced, progressively and totally, by trabecular bone. The three forms, used alone or in conjunction, ensure easier placement and consequently easier integration with the tissues.

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