Ora Aid Teal Wound Dressing – Protection Membrane

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OraAid Teal Wound Dressing – Protection Membrane

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  • Intraoral, adhesive, wound protection membrane
  • 50 x 15 x 0.3 mm
  • CE, produced in Europe

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snap1907Download: Effects of a Topically Applied Oral Wound Dressing-by Veterinary College Hospital Chonnam National University

Ora-Aid Teal is a new concept protective intra-oral wound dressing

1 New Concept Pasting Periodontal Patch

No adhesive immediate strength but generates adhesive strength when reacting to water or saliva

2 Safety

Uses raw materials and hydrophilic high polymer complying with the Korean Pharmacopoeia, USP

3 Adhesive Property

Adhesive strength is created, on reaction with saliva / Adhering surface contacting affected area reacts to saliva and adhesion is created.

4 Convenience

Very convenient with low foreign body sensation and fast adhesive strength / Convenient to carry and handle in a strip form

5 High Quality Patient Management

Increases treatment outcomes by protecting the wound/ surgical site, reducing pain, discomfort and inconvenience after surgery. Helps to prevent physical interference by rogue, food, brushing etc. Pleasant mint taste and smell.

Indication for  Use

All intra oral treatments and procedures such as implants, soft tissue surgery, tooth extraction, stomatitis, periodontal therapy, periodontal surgical treatment, orthodontic appliance, etc.

1. Physically blocks wound area from external sources of irritation

2. Blocks chemical contact with spicy foods

3. Reduces pain caused by physical pressing by a cushioning effect
(Prevents wounds on mucous membrane caused by pressure from  prosthetic appliances)

4. Prevents primary infection and secondary wound

5. Protects healing by containing growth factors in exudate (a discharge)

6. Prevents damage during early wound healing period (blood coagulation and fibrin formation)


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