OssBuilder Titanium Membrane Lateral 3 Wall – by Osstem

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Non-absorbable, titanium membrane used to regenerate periodontal tissues. For 3 wall augmentation – Buccal, proximal (mesial-distal) and lingual side bone defect.



P = Proximal

BW = Buccal Width

BL = Buccal Length

BD = Buccal Distance





SmartBuilder is a non-absorbable, titanium membrane used to regenerate periodontal tissue. SmartBuilder  promotes bone formation in areas where natural bone defect has occurred.

  • Customised for all degrees of bone defect

SmartBuilder is categorised as 1 wall augmentation, 2 wall augmentation, 3 wall augmentation according to the degree and form of bone defect. The membranes are then smart-adapted to fit the loss area.

  • Designed to be profoundly user-friendly

SmartBuilder is pre-formed 3D design that does not require additional trimming or bending.

  • Punctured for better blood supply

SmartBuilder is covered with pore-like holes to increase the blood supply of the surgical site.



Smart Handling

  • Instantly mould with ease, or just use as formed. Applicable for both one-stage and two-stage surgeries. Easily fit and remove.

Smart Healing

  • Extreme durability and a wrinkle-free sphere-shaped appearance guarantee minimised membrane exposure, Sufficiently solid for reliable bone healing regeneration.


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Additional information

Dimension Options

P 7, BW 9, BL 7, BD 5.5, P 7, BW 9, BL 9, BD 5.5, P 10, BW 12, BL 7, BD 5.5, P 10, BW 12, BL 9, BD 5.5, P 12, BW 12, BL 7, BD 5.5, P 12, BW 12, BL 9, BD 5.5


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