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Medit i700 - Digital Intaroral Scanner Offer

£16,995 + VAT £14,995 + VAT


Bone Graft materials with Excellent Bone Formation and Replacement Capacity.

Bovine Bone Graft Substitute

Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute

Resorbable Membrane with excellent barrier function for new bone formation

OSSBuilder is a non-absorbable, titanium membrane used to regenerate bone tissue.
Promotes bone formation in areas where natural bone deficiency has occurred.

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Beautifully designed, manufactured and presented by Osstem to enhance your implant surgery. These kits are designed to be used with any implant system.

Easy Split & Expansion of Narrow Ridges

Lateral Approach Sinus Kit

Lateral Approach Sinus Kit

Easy Implant Removal Kit

Easy Screw Removal Kit


Implant Probe - by Practical Implantology

This probe is designed for general measurement of spaces, and to check the integrity and depth of an osteotomy. It has a flat end with parallel sides for different applications, and the tapered side has a safe ball ended point.