PPE Procurement Policy

At PI we pride ourselves on delivering quality, practical and above all safe dentistry. When it comes to selling PPE our philosophy is no different. The PI team  go to great lengths to source PPE for our clients to enable them to work with security and peace of mind. There is anxiety amongst the healthcare professions that products, especially masks are fit for purpose, and are safe for staff, patients, and society at large.  This is after all an anxious time for many as we look to a new life in a Covid world. The team at PI are all frontline dental surgeons and require safe PPE too! We are all in this together. Practically what does all the above mean?
  1. We endeavour to only sell items that are in stock in the UK. Of course, at times some items will be out of stock and will need to be reordered.
  2. No prepayment with long lead times because of supply from overseas. We don’t take multiple orders and consolidate them into a larger overseas order.
  3. We attempt to source our equipment from credible UK suppliers who in turn only purchase stock from approved exporters and where possible this approval should be at government level.
  4. We will always ask for certification and lab tests, where necessary eg for masks. We will attempt to get the highest level of certification and lab testing we can.
  5. We will attempt to share the documentation with purchaser where we have permission. Sometimes the supplier will not allow this is as it discloses their own source so some documents may be redacted.
Assuring you of our best attention at all times. We are grateful for your business. Due to the disruption in supplies because of the global pandemic prices are volatile and our prices may be subject change at short notice.

Before you buy a mask please read this

1. FFP2, N95, KN95 are all equivalent and are subject to different country jurisdictions and codes. These provide c95% filtration.

2. FFP3, N99, KN99 are all equivalent and are subject to different country jurisdictions and codes. These provide c99% filtration. There is a global shortage of these.

3. Some authorities state that an FFP2 with a standard face mask over it provides an equivalent level of filtration to an FFP3

4. All FFP2 and FFP3 type of masks are regarded as Respirator Protection Equipment (RPE) and must be fit tested to ensure a seal and therefore protection from Covid 19 virus.

5. No one mask will pass a fit test on all personnel, so a number of different masks need to be made available in a work arena eg dental practice. The mask is not a bad mask it just may not suit a person’s face. Ear loop masks can and do pass fit tests. If a different mask starts to be used, then it must be fit tested also.

6. We are selling foldable, disposable masks. Others are available also

7. If an RPE mask is not fit tested, then a seal cannot be proven and therefore is it used as a surgical mask which is still useful. But not as an RPE and not for AGPs.

For PPE in general and particularly for masks, please buy only what you need as we are unable to take returns.

We hope that is a useful summary but please conduct your own research. Practical implantology directors are practicing dentists who want to sell you appropriate equipment and for you to be safe.