Q-oss Synthetic Resorbable Bone by Osstem

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Q-Oss Synthetic Resorbable Bone Graft

with Excellent Bone Formation and Replacement Capacity

Applied Optimum Bone Composition Ratio

  • Q-Oss + is applied to β-TCP 80% + HA 20%, optimum bone composition ratio

Exceptional Pore Structure and Blood Wettability

  • High specific surface area with interconnected microspheres (average 2.0 m2/g)
  • New bone formation by excellent blood wettability and osteogenic cells in blood

Good Bone Substitution Performance, Indicated for Use at  Bone Regeneration Sites

  • Q-Oss + is gradually degraded / absorbed during new bone formation
  • Suitable for bone grafting at the time of implant placement

  • 20% HA and 80% + β -TCP synthetic bone
  • Porous structure with fine pores connected with one another
  • Excellent bone conduction ability
  • Gradual absorption
  • Manufacturer: Osstem Implant Co., Ltd., South Korea

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Additional information

Particle Size

Small Particle Size 0.5 – 1mm, Large Particle Size 1 – 2mm

Weight & Volume

Weight & Volume 0.1g (0.2cc) QOss-BQ+S01, Weight & Volume 0.25g (0.4cc) QOss-BQ+S02, Weight & Volume 0.5g (0.8cc) QOss-BQ+S05, Weight & Volume 1.0g (1.5cc) QOss-BQ+S10, Weight & Volume 2.0g (3.0cc) QOss-BQ+S20, Weight & Volume 0.1g (0.2cc) QOss-BQ+L01, Weight & Volume 0.25g (0.5cc) QOss-BQ+L02, Weight & Volume 0.5g (1.0cc) QOss-BQ+L05, Weight & Volume 1.0g (2.0cc) QOss-BQ+L10, Weight & Volume 2.0g (4.0cc) QOss-BQ+L20


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